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Doug Willson
Principal, Viscadia
The New Product Planning Summit reinforces product development and value creation, encourages strategic product development, and
provides insights into gaining key stakeholder buy-in for a successful launch and commercialization of new products.
The Fierce New Product Planning Summit is the only conference dedicated to defining how the new product planning role and related functions make informed, value-based, data-driven decisions about products in the pipeline. Life science industry professionals gather here each year to consider how and when to utilize various resources and ask the right questions to ensure commercial success.
Doug Willson has been enlisted as a member of the event's speaking faculty.

Doug Willson

Principal, Viscadia

Topic: Navigating the Impact of the IRA on Product Forecasts

Date: October 17th 2023

Time: 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Navigating the Impact of the IRA on Product Forecasts: What Every New Products Leader Needs to Know and Do
Industry executives agree that the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has significant potential to impact the value of biopharmaceutical assets and portfolios.  However, there is also a significant amount of uncertainty regarding the ultimate impact of the IRA and how markets will evolve over time.  The effects of the IRA are complex, differing across therapeutic categories, types of molecules, stages of development and other factors.  New product planning teams are faced with the immediate need to revisit forecasts for pipeline and inline products, as well as evaluate a variety of possible scenarios and contingencies. In this session we will:
  • Assess the key IRA-related factors that drive changes in forecasts
  • Discuss the research with payers, providers, and other stakeholders that will help inform forecasts and commercial strategies
  • Outline forecasting methods and practices that capture the range of risks and opportunities associated with the IRA and also provide agility and flexibility for new product planning team
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