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Forecasting Solutions

Framing the business case and asking the right questions

Research that Asks the Optimal Questions

Too often, forecasting-related market research is undertaken as a stand-alone endeavor without full consideration of forecast needs. Results from the conventional approach are predictable – misalignment between market research and forecasting contributes to inaccuracies and limits results. As forecasting specialists our market research solutions are designed with the end in mind – we ask the right questions to frame the business case and use those findings to drive the design of the forecast model.

Viscadia has decades of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative market research across key global geographies (North America, Europe, Japan, China, Latin America) in over 65 therapeutic areas. With Viscadia, you can be sure market research will empower you with the insights to provide clarity and inspire confidence in your forecast.

Demand Studies

We assess market demand for products or services, helping businesses understand customer preferences and anticipate market needs.

Landscape Evaluations

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of the therapeutic and commercial landscape to identify key trends, competitors, and market dynamics, providing valuable analysis for strategic decision-making.

Opportunity Assessments

Our analysis focuses on identifying potential business opportunities, evaluating their feasibility, and recommending actionable strategies to capitalize on them.

Conjoint Analysis

Our conjoint studies analyze customer preferences and trade-offs to determine the most appealing product attributes and pricing strategies.

Payer Research & Analysis

We delve into payer perspectives and requirements, supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations in navigating the complexities of pricing and reimbursement.

Buying Process Research

Our research examines the buying process from the customer’s perspective, providing valuable understanding of consumer behavior and purchase decision-making.


Strategic and tactical segmentation solutions for maximizing product and portfolio opportunities by identifying and prioritizing customer groups.

Analogue Research

We believe in the enduring value of analogue technologies and their relevance in today’s fast-paced digital era. Our dedicated team of specialists conducts meticulous research, experimenting with cutting-edge methodologies to develop groundbreaking solutions for the life sciences industries.

Real-World Evidence Analyses

Our RWE analyses utilize real-world data to assess the safety, effectiveness, and value of healthcare interventions, offering clear, evidence-based insights for decision-making in the medical field.

Empowering You with Confidence

Through our integrated approach, we seamlessly combine our specialized forecasting capabilities with extensive market research experience to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. This powerful combination allows us to identify the key insights that drive your forecast.