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Case Studies

Long Range Forecast Planning

Long range planning platform for portfolio assessment

A leading international biotech company wanted an adaptive platform which would provide a real-time depiction of the company’s financials based on the performance of 30+ product-indication combinations having a market worth of around $2B.

Viscadia was asked to design and build a scalable and dynamic long-range planning model which would aggregate the product and firm level financials from cross-functional stakeholders in order to create an all – encompassing portfolio dashboard.

Singular platform to synthesize and aggregate asset level forecasts and expenses to support long range planning.
Deal structures
    • Formulating a flexible and scalable design to accommodate inputs across varying deal structures and partnerships; including but not limited to – royalty, milestone, upfront payment, cost sharing etc.
Asset standardization
      • Categorizing and incorporating the plethora of assets, each varying in aspects such as stage in product life cycle, launch year, modeling complexity etc. onto a standardized template which can be leveraged to efficiently add/edit assets over time.
Portfolio management & analysis
        • Aggregating asset and firm level dynamics while accounting for their respective synergies to create a singular yet comprehensive picture of the company portfolio.

Classified and segmented the assets on basis of their stage of development, deal structure and forecast availability, and mapped the segments to a forecast approach and appropriate financial template.

Profit sharing

Incorporated asset specific profit-sharing deal structures to track revenue and expenses as a result of partnerships and support a clear depiction of the financial performance.

Asset templatization

Built a base standard template to house asset level financials and facilitate data collation and representation across all asset types – to ensure consistency and scalability.

Central repository

Created a one stop repository for all the financial inputs related to different assets to make the user experience more streamlined and hassle free.

Portfolio management

Managed client’s complete portfolio through dynamic, individual asset level modelling and aggregation that caters to different cross functional needs

Analyses support

Provided frameworks to  configure multiple scenarios across different financial elements + Calculated portfolio specific KPIs (such as NPV) to measure the health of the business.

End deliverables
          • Long Range Planning model with comprehensive set of insights and output views including comparator view that helped the user quantitatively compare changes between different models/scenarios with the help of waterfall charts.

          • User manual providing extensive documentation to facilitate and support easy knowledge transfer and refresh in subsequent LRP cycles.
Key highlights
          • Enabled leadership to measure and reflect on historical performance and plan strategies for future years.

          • Established streamlined processes to manage inputs and outputs across cross-functional stakeholders.
        • Built an extensive model that serves as the heart and core of Long-Range Planning (LRP) planning cycles at the client’s end till date.

        • A self-sufficient automated  framework that will continue to help the client to add/edit any new/existing assets for the next 5-10 years.