Identify assets for potential acquisition/licensing opportunities in line with the organization’s strategy

A large pharma/biotech company wanted to Identify potential acquisition/licensing candidates that fit with the organization’s strategic, commercial, and development objectives.

Viscadia focused on differentiated assets with strong IP, exclusive market access, or hospital positioning. Priority was given to assets capable of quick revenue generation or with clear paths to monetization.

Assets already on the market or in late-stage development, likely to gain regulatory approval, were sought. Preference was for assets leveraging the organization’s sales force and expertise for amplified impact. Viscadia identified assets aligning with the organization’s long-term vision, ensuring a strong foundation for future healthcare sector growth and success.

A successful deal for the client was achieved as a result of two of Viscadia’s recommendations, and due to their promising potential, another product and three company assets suggested by Viscadia were acquired by other players in the market.



  • Required application of multiple research methodologies and efficient integration of technical, analytical & strategic capabilities


  • Data integrity for products in the non-retail channel can be sub-optimal – ensuring that opportunities weren’t missed required triangulation across multiple sources of information


  • Large team of stakeholders involved in the engagement, each driven by functional interests, including corporate development, commercial, therapeutic and financial


  • Client had already evaluated 200+ targets generated by their internal BD team and other leading consulting firms.
  • Viscadia was tasked with the identification of targets over and above the existing database



• Understood client’s current capabilities in hospital products and identified strategic adjacencies
• Created an asset evaluation framework that was leveraged to parameterize strategic objectives


• Participated in broad cross-functional meetings to
i. Elicit stakeholder views around preliminary list of assets
under consideration

ii. Agree on a prioritized shortlist of assets



• Organized large volumes of data across on-market and pipeline assets/ companies from multiple audits and syndicated sources
• Identified a list of potential licensing/partnership opportunities based on the identified parameters


• Conducted extensive secondary market research (SMR) and focused primary market research (PMR) to validate findings and identify risks


End deliverables

  • Exhaustive product profiles for target assets that encompassed all aspects of their candidacy e.g. commercial potential, clinical attractiveness, competitive landscape etc.
  • Excel-based Preliminary Evaluation Tool to allow for ongoing dynamic targeting analyses

Key highlights

  • 8 assets piqued client interest and evolved into a more detailed analysis in a focused manner


  • Two Viscadia recommendations culminated in a deal for the client
  • One other product and three company assets recommended by Viscadia were soon acquired by other players in the market based on their potential
  • Lead product of one of the companies identified by Viscadia was approved by FDA within a month of identification leading to significant gain in company valuation