On-market product forecasting directly aligns critical corporate and commercial decisions at a number of levels, from manufacturing to finance to marketing, and more.

Our custom models draw on highly refined forecasting expertise to deliver superior accuracy.

Precision forecasts are essential to instill confidence in operational decisions — and they also support accurate performance analyses. When sales deviate from the forecast, stakeholders need to know by how much, why and for how long, so they can adjust accordingly.

Our forecasting platforms are ideal for establishing annual baseline budgets and efficiently incorporating weekly and monthly updates into a Latest Estimate (LE) format —making it easy to provide an ongoing ‘Plan vs. LE’ variance view throughout the year.

Designed to handle any distribution model — including retail, specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor, or buy-and-bill — our approach also integrates timely channel inventory projections, expressed as days-on-hand or months-on-hand. 

And we know that detailed demand and financial metrics are vital for ongoing performance review needs, so our forecasts also include easy-to-use, automated graphic capabilities to reduce the effort required to support a variety of critical, last-minute stakeholder meetings.

Increased forecast accuracy by 50% for an on-market product

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