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At Viscadia, our people are our brand

Who we are

At Viscadia, we are passionate about delivering excellence at whatever we do.

We are resolute to work through challenges and create opportunities to learn and grow. As visionary leaders, we celebrate our past, embrace present, and are fueled by future.

What Drives Us

At Viscadia, our effectiveness is driven by a clear vision, results-oriented management, and highly self-driven employees.

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering unique solutions to their most complex challenges. With our worldwide presence, Viscadia is adept at combining state-of-the-art forecasting advances with deep market insights to produce consistently superior outcomes.

Pooja Sharma Associate Consultant

Review Texta“We should consistently challenge ourselves to discover new strengths and avenues where we truly shine. At Viscadia, I have witnessed a sense of proactiveness in providing employees with the right platform to hone their skills. It drives our continuous professional growth and ultimately sets us up for success in the global healthcare industry.”

Abhed Manocha Associate

“Working at Viscadia has been a fulfilling experience, as it has given me the chance to work in the consulting field and make a positive impact on people's lives. The collaborative team atmosphere and the investment from management in my growth made Viscadia the perfect place to begin my career"

Abhi Pandey Consultant-India

“Working at Viscadia has been an intellectually stimulating and a professionally enriching experience for me. I always found consulting exciting – helping clients achieve their strategic objectives or knocking it out of the park with a crisp, novel analysis, the work here is fast and high impact. Moreover, being part of a boutique firm, I work on niche and challenging projects, in a work environment with a great sense of collaboration and camaraderie.”

Bhavya Gupta Associate Consultant-India

“My journey with Viscadia has been very exciting and fulfilling. The learning curve here is steep and one gets a chance to work their analytical as well as soft skills. I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn from the best while getting ample space to work creatively, challenge myself, and push the boundaries.”

Career opportunities

We are looking for smart team workers with go-getter attitude to work in an intellectually stimulating ecosystem.
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