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Business Development and Licensing

Tailored solutions by experts within unforgiving timelines.

In the competitive world of M&A, business development executives face the pressure of swift asset identification and deal closure.
Within a matter of weeks, critical decisions must be made, such as negotiating better prices or opting out of unfavorable deals.

Our expertise lies in rapidly identifying valuable assets, efficiently closing deals, and delivering exceptional results.

Trust us for crisp, actionable insights and success in business development.

Powerful Insights for Business Growth

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Commercial Assessment

Informed Insights, Swift Decisions: Accelerating Successful Transactions.

Our business development team specializes in providing swift and accurate commercial assessments. We augment internal resources, analyze virtual data rooms, conduct market research, and incorporate key product performance drivers into forecasts. With expertise spanning therapeutic areas and geographies, we deliver what you need while staying ahead of crucial timelines, ensuring informed decision-making in transactions.

Asset Identification

Discovering Hidden Assets for Market Growth

We assist clients in their search for potential assets to enter or expand their market presence. Our analytical approach combines internal and external databases, secondary research, and continuous monitoring of industry developments through conferences, literature scans, and discussions with key opinion leaders and industry contacts. By going beyond the obvious choices, our structured process helps clients uncover overlooked assets and seize emerging opportunities.

Case Studies

Rising to meet the key challenges our clients are facing

Building forecasting capabilities For a complex oncology patient flow

A global biotechnology company wanted to forecastmarket potential for their oral TKI inhibitor of the HER2 protein, which had been approved for oncology indication for all major markets.

Viscadia was asked to design and build an epidemiology-based patient flow model to construct a market landscape and assess product potential across 22 different markets around the world, while also incorporating regional nuances specific to several key markets.